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Attention: we are extremely full and space is limited, especially for the main server. Please refer to our schedule page before applying. We will reject any applications that show a scheduling conflict. If you are confused because of time zone diferences, you can always ask your phone or smart spekaer to convert the time you want into Central Time. We also have a comments section if further clarification on your part is needed.

At 98.6TheMix, we want you to have fun doing your shows, interacting with other DJs and listeners, as well as participating fully in the station. At the same time, we only want those who are serious about broadcasting. In order for everyone to have a great experience and for the station to run smoothly, we need to point out and make sure you understand some important policies that reflect our mission, principles, and goals. If you identify with us and want to be part of our team, then these rules will be easy and pleasurable to follow! Having experience as a professional DJ is not required, but having a professional attitude will help you meet station guidelines. If you have any questions about the following rules, please use our contact page or leave your questions when you fill out the application.


personal Conduct

  1. Bashing will not be tolerated at all on 98.6TheMix! We want to create a positive atmosphere for DJs, listeners, and guests to enjoy. Racial bashing and derogatory comments about other DJs, management, listeners, family, friends, coworkers, and employers may be grounds for immediate dismissal.
  2. Harassment of DJs in any form will result in immediate dismissal. Harassment includes but is not limited to:
  3. Decisions will be made on a case by case basis as to how incidents will be handled. When reporting an incident of harassment, please provide proof if possible. Proof can include chat logs, phone or Skype recordings, or emails. You do not need to directly confront the person you are accusing; however, you MUST have a live phone or Skype conversation with the management team.
  4. Management prefers that when possible you deal with the situation yourself. We only ask that you be civil when it comes to station related matters. Outside of that, if you want to block somebody's personal account that is your decision and the other person must respect that.
  5. If you make false charges against anyone who is later found innocent, you will be promptly dismissed. We do investigate any claims that are made.
  6. Management will not act on past cases of harassment from other stations or groups since you are making the decision to join our station knowing that you have had problems with a staff member. New problems will be dealt with as they arise. If someone applies after you have joined us then you can let us know of any potential problems between you and that person.
  7. Do not hint or threaten a fellow dj that they will be fired or in some kind of trouble. If we find you have done this, then you will be at risk for being let go regardless of the situation. You will not be in trouble for suggesting privately to management that someone should be let go.
  8. Do not post anything to social media or the listeners list without the dj's permission. If you give someone permission to post on your behalf, then you must let management know via email you have done so. Posting that you are listening to someone's show does not count as posting for someone.
  9. Do not block anyone from the station Twitter account. If someone is bothering you either by threats or a constant string of tweets or messages directed at you, then do not respond to them and instead, talk to management.


  1. 98.6 the mix is part of the Jared Rimer network. You may not use your E-mail address to take over, send spam, misrepresent the station, or cause harm to other members.
  2. You may not engage in account takeover schemes such as using your address to take over someone's account at another service.
  3. You may not give out your password to your account to anyone except management to help you with mail issues.
  4. You may not have anyone access your account on your behalf without management knowing about it.
  5. This policy includes any account owned by 986TheMix that is not on the Jared Rimer Network account. These include but is not limited to and any additional accounts we made obtain in the future.
  6. If we have clear and convincing evidence that you have violated this policy, it will be an immediate termination from 986TheMix, and The Jared Rimer Network.

Software Licenses

  1. 98.6 the mix expects all broadcasters to license their own copies of software.
  2. It is not DJ or management responsibility to pass out licenses, as this is illegal, and companies that find out can revoke them.
  3. We do provide some software, such as encoders, Winamp, and other basic plugins that are freely available.
  4. 98.6 the mix can provide demo software upon request.
  5. You may not ask management or DJ's for licenses to software. If they say no, you must respect this wish.


  • Your encoders must reflect your show title and Dj name. If the show title has your name, that is sufficient.
  • If you are running a stream for someone else, then the encoder should include both the show info for the dj and your name as well.
  • Symal-casting and netwowrking

    We realize that some people would like to spread there wings and have your show ran on multiple stations. If this is you, then please note the following guidelines.

    1. 986TheMix will permit symalcasting your show on other stations where management has a partmership. However, you will need written permission from management of the other station. Please (note: this is not a guarantee that the Mix will grant permission to simalcast.)
    2. TheMix also allows for networked/prerecorded shows. It will be your responsability to get them to us ahead of time. Management will determine the best time and server for the airing of the show.
    3. You will be expected to start and end your show on time regardless of the other station. If a situation occurs, talk to management and we will inform you if you have any flexability.
    4. ?li> You can
    5. There will be no playing show promo's from other stations. Likewise, you are not permitted to play TheMix show promos on other stations. If another station has commercials for a service or product that you would like to play, please check with Mix management first.
    6. There will be no mentioning of other stations on the air with the exception of any stations that we either have a partnership with or they no longer exist. You will not get in trouble for accidentally mentioning another stationís call letters on the air unless you mention the station frequently. This does not apply to podcasts or media distribution netowrks that are not directly promoting another internet station.
    7. Prerecorded shows

      1. We allow for Dj's to prerecord their shows. However, it is the Dj's responsibility to either air them or make sure someone else can during their time slot. By default we recommen you go through management as we can include it as part of our automation. Also, if you have SPL 5 or above, we recommend you use the internal SL recorder and enable the Cue sheet option so listeners can get title streaming.
      2. You can ask a staff member about airing your show before signing up for 986TheMix. However, we prefer you only do this if internet connectivity is an issue.

      Privacy and Security

      1. Only mention fellow DJs by DJ names. Use a DJ's real name only with his/her permission or if they refer to them self by their real name on air.
      2. Do not give out any passwords or internal files from 98.6TheMix to anyone!! If anybody asks you for any passwords you must refer them to management and allow us to handle the situation. If you have any "guest DJs" that are not affiliated with 98.6TheMix then you must be the one to put them on the air.

      Communicating with management

      1. Management will not communicate with anybody on your behalf unless you designate someone ahead of time. This applies whether you are a current or former dj of 986themix.
      2. Persons can only be authorized in writing. We prefer you use the application for this purpose, but an email written to our management address found on the contact page will be accepted. This also includes notifying us of any legal guardians.
      3. Management will not ask if you authorize anyone to speak for you. It is your responsibility to inform us in writing. We will make an exception if someone is informing us of something serious such as a major injury.


      1. 986TheMix will no longer allow any new produced shows. These are defined as someone relying on another person running the board for them. While we recognize that this will eliminate some people, we have found that the dj/producer relationship has proven to be more problematic.
      2. Cohosts are allowed. See next section for more details.


      Management makes the following distinctions between producers and co-hosts:

      1. A co-host is someone who the main dj has personally asked to be a permanent part of there show. They can be brought on the air via external programs such as TeamTalk, Skype, in studio, etc. A co-host may also be granted broadcast privilidges which can be removed by management if we notice and abuse.
      2. A dj is completely responsible for hiring/firing any co-host they wish. Management will not interfere or advice with such decisions. They are completely your responsibility.
      3. Management will only add or remove a co-host on the schedule page at the request of the main dj and nobody else.
      4. there is no limit on the amount of co-hosts you can have.
      5. If your co-host violates any station policy, the main dj will be held responsible, especially if any problems occur with on-air conduct. If said co-host is also a current staff member, then management will decide on an individual basis what effect mis-conduct will have on there station status. (Note, bad conduct can also lead to us opting not to hire that person should they choose to come on to the station. They might also find themselves barred from being on other shows.


      From time to time, there are situations that may prevent you from doing your show. Please pay close attention to this section to understand how we handle them.

      1. The Mix does not require dj's to fill in for other show's. However, if a DJ must have someone do there show, you may make private arrangements with another staff member. Management will not get involved in helping you find someone. However, you may use our staff list to ask for someone to do your show.
      2. 986TheMix defines a fillin as a person doing someones show in a manner that the original Dj dictates. this means that you must follow there style in whatever way they dictate. This includes but is not limited too:
        • Following there music and or talk formats
        • Playing a playlist or following an order of songs they give you
        • Including features that the Dj has as part of there show
      3. A Dj may also spesify that a fillin Dj has free reign to do whatever they want, but this is not recommended as the show can potentially become the Dj's and not yours. to this end we recommend you pick someone who can be true to your show.
      4. When possible, we want you to be part of the show when someone is filling in for you. For instance, if your issues are technical in nature to where you can't use a computer, but have access to your phone, we prefer that you are as actively involved as much as possible with your own show.
      5. A fillin will only affect your status, and not the person who's doing your show.
      6. If a Dj has more than two fillins in a row, or three general fillins, management will be discussing the status of your show and whether it should be continued. We recommend you discuss anything that may come up with management. We will act on a case by case basis.
      7. A fillin will not be considered if someone chooses to do a random show during your spot and did not discuss with you ahead of time. Management may use the time for someone to do a makeup show for instance, but that only affects them and will be considered unrelated to your show.


      1. If you have three unexcused show absences in a row, you will be politely dismissed from your DJ duties on 986TheMix. We determine unexcused absences by failure to not communicate with management when you do not show up.
      2. If you know that you will not be able to do your show, please let us know within 24 hours before your start time when possible. You can email, iMessage, text, call, Facetime Audio, or Skype management when notifying us of absences.
      3. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your show, you are considered absent unless you have spoken with management ahead of time.

      Management responses.

      1. When reporting a situation to management, we prefer that you include chat logs when possible. This will help us assess the situation and act accordingly.
      2. When asking you about a situation, you will be presented with an opertunity from the beginning to explain your side of it. It is always best to be truthful with us as it will afect how management chooses to handle the situation.
      3. A decision to let someone go is made by all of management. We only do this if you have indicated that by violating certain policies that you are a threat, or despite trying to work with you on what the issue is, you still won't cooperate with us.
      4. Management will be happy to clarify any questions you have on these policies so there is no mis-understanding.

      Please continue. to our application page. If you are not interested, then we thank you for your time and hope that you will remain a loyal listener!

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