Our Privacy Policy and Procedures

At 98.6 we care about privacy and we'd like to give both DJs and listeners the opportunity for us to share how we handle any data we receive. If you have any further question's, then please feel free to direct inquiries to our contact page and we will respond to you quickly.

  1. 98.6 does not use any kind of tracking cookie when you visit any of our pages. IP logs are only consulted for maintenance purposes SUCH AS a known technicle issue has occurred.
  2. 98.6 only collect's data that has been voluntarily submitted to us. These include on site forms such as our application and contact forms, and offsite data that you have available publically if you follow us on twitter and or add us to Skype/Zello.
  3. All on site information is seen by management only and is considered confidential with some exceptions. On site information may include but is not limited too:
  4. By submitting an application to us you agree that if excepted the portions of your application including DJ name, show description, and time of show can be listed publically on our Website. Also, by submitting an application you allow us to make any modifications to your show description to fit the schedule.
  5. Any DJ applications received are stored in a secure location and are kept on file for as long as the DJ remains with 98.6TheMix. This information is stored so that if we need to get in contact with a DJ right away we can do so quickly.
  6. 98.6TheMix maintains a public listenerís mailing list that anyone can subscribe too. While the list itself is public we encourage listeners to keep their addresses private by not disclosing them on list. There was confussion on who was posting when the list was set private, so now people see who is posting. 98.6 the mix discourages people from mass collecting of addresses to mail people without their permission.
  7. Our blog is hosted on a 3rd party web site. Please checks its privacy policy, as 98.6 is not responsible for the domain in which it resides.

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We would like to thank the following contributers:

  1. the Jared Rimer Network for web hosting services
  2. Ultrahost our provider for Internet Radio broadcasting services. Please feel free to check out their web-hosting and streaming plans.
  3. GRC Inc. for allowing us to run Security Now!
  4. last but not least, Nab productions who give us our awsome jingles