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The schedule for 98.6TheMix

Below, you will find our active schedule of shows. All times will be listed in Central time -5 hours CDT -6 hours CST. from GMT time.

When no live show is on, then feel free to listen to The Automation that we have on! It has a wide ranging music collection with something for everyone. We encourage you to check it out!!

You can now click on the links in the show title to go to the archive page for that broadcaster. You can also refer to the podcast page as well.

schedule links

Saturday Server 2 The Magnatune and Independant music Server


dj name Time of show Show title Show Description promo dj contact info
Jared Rimer 12 to 3 PM The Jared Rimer Show Featuring various genres, new artists, albums, and may branch out in to other labels like CD Baby and other labels that may play independent music as well. Another label I've played from that is independant is bandcamp. If you are an independant artist and you'd like your music aired, please feel free to contact me and I'll see what I can do. We will also have a featured artist once a month or so, and we'll see what else comes up as the show progresses. Some adult content may be possible especially in lyrics. This show may move to the independant artist server if over 3 hours. listen to Jared's promo Jared's contact info
Various 3 to 7 PM The Audio Picture Show!! Join us as we let your mind create the picture!! Every week a different DJ will play an audio described movie. That's right, all audio, no pictures!! These movies include everything from Disney, Classics, Si-fi, and more. We will not play any rated R Movies. Want to request a movie, do by sending email to Listen to the Audio Picture Show promo
Herbie 8 to 11 PM The Herbie Allen Show A great way to transition from Weekend to Week day, this is a variety show that plays music spanning primarily the 50s to today covering multiple genres. Show main features include:
  • compare the difference
  • a christian/gospel music set
  • original VS Paredy
  • live in concert
  • on air listener participation
and much more! This show can be anything from informative, to comical, or just pure entertainment! It all depends on what type of show is planned.
Listen To The Herbie Allen Show promo Herbie's contact info


dj name Time of show Show title Show Description promo dj contact info
dj matt 3 to 6 PM this show will consist of anything and everything from 1946 to today. Adult content may be present, Listener discretion advised. So if you like a random mix of music aka automation then sit back relax grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the show. N/a
Ron 6 to 10 PM 80s, 90s, and some of todays Music. I will be playing, 80s pop, 90s country and pop, and some of todays country and pop maybe wrap too. N/a Rons contact info


dj name Time of show Show title Show Description Promo
Dj Shawn 9 AM to 2 PM dj Shawn's Mix I will be playing a wide mix of tunes. You never know what you will hear on my show. Requests and dedication are always welcome. Listen to Shawn's promo DJ Shawn's contact info
Kitten 6 to 8 PM The Retro Lock-In playing mainly 80's, 90's, and today's music that I grew up hearing. listen to the kitten caboodle promo Kitten's contact info
dj terry 8 to 10 PM the jukebox i play everything from 1950's to today! (Some adult content is likely.) N/A n/a


dj name Time of show Show title Show Description promo dj contact info
DJ Pam 11 AM to 1 PM Pams Music Room This show will include music from the Billboard top 100 charts from the 1950s to the present and will also feature some Contemporary Christian music from the 1980's to the present. Listen to Pam's Music Room promo N/a
missie from salt lake 3 to 5 PM cowgirl country classics country. Mostly older, and mostly female. But all country and artists goes. N/a
Jammin Josh 9 to 11 Josh's Jungle of Music! My show will be a mix of all kinds of music with an emphasis on the older music! I will have a couple of features! One will be called Under the Covers where I will play an original version of a song then play a cover version! I will also be spotlighting any artist that a birthday that week! I will also be playing different themes such as songs for different holidays! Requests and dedications will also be welcome! n/a N/a


dj name Time of show Show title Show Description Promo dj contact info
Dj Shawn 9 AM to 2 PM dj Shawn's Mix I will be playing a wide mix of tunes. You never know what you will hear on my show. Requests and dedication are always welcome. Listen to Shawn's promo DJ Shawn's contact info
DJ Mephisto 3 to 7 PM Dark Side Of The 80's That remote era called the 1980s featured some of the best music of all time. This program will showcase the music from not only that epic decade, but also some gems from the mid-/late-70s and the early 90s as well. In true DJ Mephisto style however, emphasis will be on songs that weren't exactly overplayed to death on contemporary Top 40 radio. That is, expect a lot of one-hit wonders and underground music here. Don't expect a great deal of explicit content- these are mostly songs from the 80s, after all- but at the same time don't be too surprised if some emerges. N/a N/a
Nick 8 to 11 PM Nicks Musical Memories Join our jingle creator as he takes us on a journey through his life and the music that has inspired him! Listen to the promo for Nick's Musical Memmories N/a


dj name Time of show Show title Show Description promo dj contact info
DJGirl Kayla 2 to 5 PM Disney Variety Mixup Playing a lot of stuff for people of all ages to have fun, and enjoy great variety. From Children's music and onward! n/a DJ Girl Kayla's contact info
DJ Mephisto 7 to 11 PM Descent Into Pandemonium This is a delightful and eclectic compilation of all musics dark and disturbing. Whether it's gothic, shoegazer, aggrotech, the most morbid strains of metal, or anywhere in between, if it's creepy and if it goes "bump in the night"- chances are I have it in my collection somewhere. I also have a Youtube playlist of the same name containing online episodes of my show (at this link) that contains a decent sampling of what one might expect from my show. Let there be darkness! N/a N/a


dj name Time of show Show title Show Description Promo dj contact info
dj Kevin 11 am to 3 PM Kevin's random mix This show will feature random music types know rap though unless it is clean. N/a contact info for DJ Kevin
Jared Rimer 3 to 6 PM The Independant Artist Spotlight Show This show will take an artist from the Sunday show and go more in-depth. I will talk more about who they are, and play selected tracks from one or more albums of theirs. The lyrics in the tracks may have adult content, however, the talking itself will not be adult in nature. N/a Jared's contact info
dj E-man 6 to 9 PM E-K's Jukebox Playing a variety of music ranging from a wide range of genres from country, to pop, rock to metal, and even a little rap. This show may contain Some religious music. N/a N/a
Sparkles 9 to 11 PM The Jumble jamberi Playing a variety of music styles all the way from pop to country disney to dub step and anything in between. This show may contain adult content as well as religious songs in the show. N/a N/a

Server 2

The show's listed here might not play during the times listed. All show's on this server are random. Please follow us on the listeners list and Twitter to get more updates.

dj name Possible day of week. Possible time of show Show title Show Description promo
DJ Doug Sunday Midnight to 2 AM DJ Doug's Mix I will play a variety of music from the 50's to today maybe earlier!! N/A
Bobby Sunday 10 to 11 AM Anytime of the day fun show With Bobby My Show will be about Tv shows and music and stuff! N/a
Lady B Thursday 9 to 11 PM The Jammin Mix Show Playing a variety of music such as rock, pop, hip-hop, R&B, latin, and country! listen to the Jammin Mix promo

The Magnatune and Independant music Server

Our technology podcasts are now on the Magnatune and independant artist server to accommodate programming on the main server. Below, you will find the schedule of programming for the server. The server will be offline during the Jared Rimer show, and will be back up when the show is complete. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Jared Rimer through our DJ Contact form and he'll get back to you as soon as possible. Remember, Security Now can be aired as long as everything is left in tact, and the tech podcast belongs to Jared Rimer and his network. All comercials are part of TWIT as far as Security Now goes, so please keep that in mind.

dj name Possible day of week. Possible time of show Show title Show Description promo
Jared Rimer Thursday 2 to 4 PM The Technology Podcast On this podcast, we cover all types of technology from Assistive Technology, security, Google Cars, Braille, you name it. Some podcasts may contain strong language or situations not appropriate for young children to be hearing. We will always feature the latest podcast first, and if no new podcasts have been released, we will dip in the archives and feature older material. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about anything you may hear, please contact me by and I'll respond to you. If you'd like to contact me through the blog, there is an address listed there as well. If you want your comments aired, please let me know. listen to the Jared Rimer Network promo
Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte Thursday 6 to 8 PM Security Now This show takes you through the security landscape, questions, answers, and topics. This show has its own comercials on TWIT's network, and the JRN and 98.6 The Mix is not responsible for the content. Listen to the Security Now promo.

That's the schedule, please come back soon!


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